Monday, July 8, 2013

Collar Bandana

Made up some slip on collar bandans for some dogs. They are a quick and easy sew up. Cut out a 10" x 9" rectangle of each fabric piece. Fold The rectangle in half lengthwise and mark at 4.5" from the bottom. Cut at the angle from your mark to create a pointed shape. Do the same for the other fabric.
 Now is our chance to embroider something cute onto the bandana. 
  Take both pieces of fabric and with right sides together pin and sew up along the sides. Leaving the top open! Snip the corners and flip out. Push the corners of the bandana out with a chopstick or something fancy like a turning tool.
 Fold 1/2" at the top and press. Fold another 1 1/2" fold and press again. I dislike the ironing and pressing. At least this a quick and easy pressing of the iron. 
 Pin and stitch across 1/4" from the bottom edge. 
 Don't fret if your bandana is a little wonky. I promise your dog won't notice.  And once you slide it onto the collar and snap it around her adorable neck, all of the flaws will magically disappear!  This project was so fast and simple I made two! 
Have your newly adopted friend try out the bandana. I think he likes it! 

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