Monday, December 30, 2013

Knitting / Crochet needle case

This holiday was a success! Everyone loved their gifts!
Some friends from St Louis came to visit and I ended up giving my needle case away. 
A new one would have to be made! ;) 
I used a standard letter size sheet of paper and a ruler to make the pattern. 
The colors that were decided were grey, baby blue and white. 
The left pocket is 6.5 x3.5. I used blue print for the front and solid grey for the inside.
The needle pocket is 3.5x 7.5. I used a blue stripe fabric for the front and the white print for the back. 
The front is 8.5x 11 I used a grey print and white print for the inside. 
 The case took just about an hour to make. 
Once on a roll it is easy to keep going.

 I really liked this one. 
Holds everything it needs to. 
Even has cute lace! :)
 Now if only it would make me feel more motivated to knit or crochet more.

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