Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year!

A few weeks ago I won 4 spools of Guermann metallic thread from Crafty Sorcha!
I had no idea she was in France!
The entire time I waited I thought some one had stolen it right off the porch!
 Thank you so much Crafty Sorcha! I love them!
I don't make any new years resolutions. 
I never stick to them anyways. 
I do have a few goals. 
I want to be more organized with my crafts. Less mess! 
I would love for this blog to gain a few more readers! 
And I would love to make things full time. 
 All in all 2013 wasn't such a bad year. 
Lots of looking to the future! 

Happy new year!
And don't forget to party hardy! :)
!!! Forgot to mention, I have added some embroideries to my Etsy store.
Go on! Take a look! More stuff will be added soon! 

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