Monday, September 16, 2013

Reversible Dog Coat

The weather here is dipping. 
The temperature has dropped and the rain has started. 
Fall has arrived. 
Buying dog sweaters are expensive. 
Making dog sweaters is not expensive.
 I've made quite a few for Wicket but Animalll is in the need for warmth. 
Today's dog coat is for Animalll. 
I used an old coat of Wickets to measure out the fabric for Animalll. 
They are almost the same size. 
I made the length of the coat a few inches longer since Animal is longer that Wicket. 
 It doesn't take long to sew these up. 
Faster to sew these up than it is to go to the pet store and buy new coats. 

 Animalll was so happy to wear his new coat. 

 The coat made Wicket jealous. She wants a new coat for herself. 
 Animalll has the best smile.
 The best snaggle toothed smile.
 Watch out for whale dog! 

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