Monday, September 9, 2013

Starved Rock

As legend goes in 1769 an Illiniwek warrior assassinated Ottawa Chief Pontiac. The Ottawa and their allies the Potawatomi then attacked the Illiniwek along the Illinois River. The Illiniwek then climbed to the butte to seek refuge from the attack. The Ottawa and the Potawotomi managed to keep the Illiniwek on the butte until the Illiniwek starved to death. 
 Now Starved Rock is a state park with miles of hiking area. 

 In the spring and early summer some of the canyons feature water falls. 

 When I was a kid we would come here for vacations.
 I do not remember nearly as many stairs. 
It really puts you in shape. 

 Most of the trails were easy. Some of them had been eroded and were harder to navigate. 
Still a very pretty site.

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