Monday, November 25, 2013


I made homemade marshmallows using The Urban Posers rustic mallow recipe. 
I like it cause it is sweetened with honey. 
 I've made marshmallows made with sugar but they turn out so sweet it is hard to eat them all before they turn! 
 These are like soft pillows of delishiousness. 
 I used cocoa powder and cinnamon for the outer coatings. 
 The cinnamon ones are like red hots. 
 The mallows take on the taste and soft sweetness of the honey. 
I used an orange blossom honey. 
 Orange hearts. 

They do melt and taste great in hot cocoa. 
If these marshmallows were to last a few days and dry out you would have chocolate and cinnamon lucky charms.

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